The art of surrender is the other side of power. It, however, needs to be married to patience, commitment, and understanding. It was on a Megabus ride to Boston, that I had completely grasped that surrendering doesn’t make one weak. I was thinking about being in a relationship with another alpha female. I was asking myself if I could stand to the side and give up the lead? To give up the way I lead my life, and trust someone else to lead me, to become a unit? Yeah, I could. My ideal woman is a badass, intelligent, older, and more seasoned, she is aggressive when she needs to be and definitely when she wants to be. She knows who she is and invests in who I am. I’d be happy to step to the side for her and let her take the lead. Now, does that make me weak, soft, or less than? Not even in the slightest. It’s power! In order for her to be who she is becoming, I must support her and make an equal investment in her.

If I recognize that being the head is the position she plays best, then I am doing myself a great disservice if I do not capitalize on her strengths. I understand that she is a teacher, to which I am a curious student, she is strong, and the rebel in me will put that strength to the test,  she is a leader, of who I am willing to follow. I am driven by growth and curiosity, I recognize that she provides what I need, not because of what she does for me, but because of who she is, and because of who she is to me, she is ideal. Power is a feeble as one’s pride. My pride will not result in my fall, I must mind my pride. I must be willing to stay committed to trusting her. She thrives at the head, and when she thrives our successes are amplified!

The power she has in the relationship is the power I have, both equal and very different, but one and the same. It starts with trust, I have to trust that she will put the unit first. I have to anticipate that she won’t get it right all the time, and we won’t see eye to eye on things all the time. It’s apart of my complete surrender and dedication to the unit. It will take patience and commitment to my decision to trust and be led by her. I will have to trust her even in the times I feel lost. She is a woman of action, she won’t always explain, in time it will reveal itself or she will tell me. Do all the details really matter if the unit is at the front of both our minds? The decisions I make are for the benefit of the unit, the decisions she makes are for the benefit of the unit. The unit is secure on all fronts.

Luscious Lion might be the man, but we all know Cookie Lion runs the business. If you thought music was the business, I’d say you missed it. The business is family, the unit. She doesn’t need to agree with him to support him or Vise Versa. Cookie and Luscious are both Alphas, both equally powerful, both equally dangerous and both equally loyal to each other. That’s how you build an empire. surrender is powerful, it just depends on how you use it.


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