mental stregth

Often times the things that challenge us mentally aren’t the things that are happing right this very moment. The things that challenge us are the things that have happened in the past, no matter how recent that past might be, and our other challenges come from thinking about things that might happen in the future, no matter how far that future might be.

Step 1. Stop where you are and ask yourself these questions, am I under any immediate threat right this moment? Most likely the answer is no.

Step 2. Ask yourself, if the thing that is challenging us mentally is something that has happened, what can I do now that will assuage the feelings and thoughts I am having. If the challenge is something that might happen, ask yourself, what can you do right now that could possibly impact the anticipated challenge.

Step 3. Do what needs to be done now, do not put it off, or wait for the perfect moment. Now is all we ever have, live in the now.

Step 4. Be as consistent with this practice as possible. Consistency is what builds strength, and understand that it will take time for this to become something that is automatic.


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