Who is Christina Mitchell? Who is Dianna Mitchy?

Dianna Mitchy

Christina Mitchell (Dianna Mitchy) is a Jamaican native. She grew up in the inner cities of Kingston, in a little community called ‘South Side’.  As a teenager, Mitchell excelled both athletically and academically. She was a national representative in the sports of Track & Field, Basketball and Netball. She started her athletic and academic career at Holy Family Primary School, from there she went on to The Convent of Mercy Academy ‘Alpha’. All the while participating in the aforementioned sports. Christina earned a full athletic scholarship and moved to the United States where she earned a B.S in Kinesiology from Liberty University, M.S. in Sports Science from Gardner-Webb University and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine.

Christina’s education and experience helped her to realize her calling to serve those who share her past experiences. She now advocates for health, education and the LGBTQ community. She is the Co-founder of two nonprofits the Eloise Hylton Inc. and United Children of Nigeria Inc. These organizations are aimed at affecting change in low socioeconomic communities in Jamaica and building state of the art trade schools in Nigeria. Mitchell aspires to live a life of service to people and to the youth. She believes that if the future of the world lies with the youth, then her duty is to help them to be better through creating opportunities for resource acquisition, exposure, and growth experiences.

When she is not challenging the status quo, she enjoys motivating others to embrace themselves. Art in all its forms is one of her favorite things, she likes to paint and enjoys experiencing other countries, cultures, and all the food that comes with it. She believes that in order to understand the world, she must first try to understand the people in it, and in order to influence the world, she must truly invest in the people. Her aim is to impact the world by starting in her own home and community then expanding outward.  She Advocates for the underserved and the marginalized. Christina motivates others to be themselves and dream the ballziest dreams they can imagine, and she wants to inspire others who want to become leaders, to eclipse the work of those who came before them. She believes this is the only way to achieve continued growth.

“I am not loud, I’m Jamaican. Those who came before me weren’t heard well enough, I’m just here to amplify the noise” ~ Christina Mitchell