Have you ever been visualizing, creating, just lost in thought about your future and where you see yourself and others? I know I have. I was in one of those, where it was so vivid that looking from the outside, it would appear, well… in actuality, I was sitting on my bed, having a whole ass conversation,  with myself. Apparently, I was imaging myself in a future deal I wanted to make, I imagined how the conversation would go and what my responses would be, I was getting the better end of the deal. I thought, I can’t be the only person that does that, right, as I quickly snapped out of the daydream. I immediately questioned myself. “Am I crazy?” No sane person sits and talks to themselves in the dark.

As I sat there trying to reason with myself, I also, at that very moment, thought that the fact that I was doing a mental self check, that was proof enough that I was healthy. If I was crazy, because the healthy, sane thing to do in moments like these is to perform a quick self-check right? In my defense, if its any consolation I voted for the I decided I was not crazy, and since I had the majority vote, well you get the point.

As I’m sitting there, after deciding that I was not crazy, I started making arguments as to why it’s probably a normal thing to have such vivid daydreams. I immediately start thinking about how many of my daydreams have actually come true. I have experienced quite a few of these vivid daydreams coming to pass and boom! Deja Vu!

 Far too often we find ourselves shaking our heads as we ‘snap out of it’ when we wake from a daydream. We tell our selves that it’s wired, almost too real. However, we marvel at the times when we relive those exact experiences in a Deja Vu moment. By now I’m sure you’re probably thinking back to a time when this happened to you. If you aren’t, get to it, I’m sure that you have a few in there. No matter your religion, age or creed, sex or any other distinctive factor, I can assert that most of us, at least once in our lives have experienced this. Call it God, call it divine intervention, call it a miracle, call it the law of attraction. It matters not what you call it, all that matters is that most of us have had this experience.

All that we are is an accumulation of all that we think. We can materialize the immaterial! The cellphone was once an immaterial dream, an impossibility, just a simple idea, and now, we cannot even imagine a world without these ‘smart devices’ that are making us all fucking idiots. But you see what I’m saying. when you are visualizing, dreaming, praying, manifesting, don’t ever think that you’re crazy, don’t ever think that you’re asking for too much. Just know that there is a path to walk in order to get to this future point and the only thing that matters is what will you do now. Now that you’ve seen the future you want, what will you do now, at this very moment to materialize it?

I encourage you to never stop visualizing and manifesting. Dream the ballziest dreams there are. Innovation comes from the people who dare to push the boundaries, the ones who dare to dream beyond the lenses of possibility. Dream the most outlandish shit you can imagine and when you get to the end of your imagination, I dare you to take one step further. Why the hell not?


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