Alpha females are often seen as the ones who take complete control and who never back down, even when it comes on to being in a relationship the expectations are the same. What happens when two alphas get into a relationship? A true alpha female knows that being submissive in the right areas of her life is exercising power, a relationship is one of those areas, because the one thing that an alpha enjoys is when being on top, in a relationship, the unit being on top is a major win. Here are 5 ways an alpha female can exercise her power in being submissive to her partner.

The power that she holds is the power you give:

When an alpha female chooses to submit in a relationship, she is not giving up power, she is exercising it. Think of it in terms of the elected official and the people who elect these officials. No power is given to the official that was not granted by the people. An alpha female recognizes where the true power lies. The same thing applies in being submissive in a relationship, it is not a sign of weakness of an indication that one person is more than the other.

Recognize that she  thrives best at the helm of the relationship:

If your partner thrives as the head of the unit, it is in your best interest to facilitate that. You would be doing yourself and relationship a huge disservice if you did not recognize that. Allow her to be just that, the head. My job is to provide her what she needs and to play any role in the relationships she wants me to play.

Stand aside and share the doesn’t mean you are standing in the shadow:

An alpha female is one that does what it takes to win, and knows how to play many roles. Standing aside is not the same as standing behind, and in the event that your partner’s success requires me to stand behind her, that is exactly where I will stand any role that my partner needs me to play.

Understand that you will not enjoy all the decisions that she makes as the head of the household:

When being the submissive in a relationship, understand that you may not always like the decisions that your partner makes on behalf of the unity. However, since that is her position and the role she plays in the relationship, you will have to exercise patience understanding and agree to disagree on things you do not see eye to eye one, you will have to trust her. This is one of the hardest things to master in the role of the submissive partner, especially when you’re an alpha. Trust that she will not intentionally make any decisions that will harm the unit or the relationship, a difference in opinion is not a bad thing at all. You both want to make the best choices for the relationship, her growth and confidence comes equally in her wins and her losses, allow her to lead and trust that her decisions are for the growth of the relationship.

Speak up

Finally, point 4 should not be mistaken at all, there is no decision that should be made on behalf of the unit that is not discussed between both partners. Iron sharpens iron, you must challenge her especially as her submissive. The decision to be submissive is not one to be mute. If your partner is doing or making choices that will ultimately harm the unit or the relationship, being submissive does not mean you are quiet, at the end of the day you are an equal part of the relationship and you’re an alpha, keep her in check.

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