1. Appropriate care – find what works for you! What works for your friend or the person on Instagram, might not work for you. That’s OK, try something different, if you know what doesn’t work for you, then you are one step closer to knowing what does.

2. Positive thoughts and experiences – We have all heard the phrase, think positive and positive things will happen. Some people call it the law of attractions, or manifestation. When we program ourselves to think positively, we see the good in each experience. In the event that we have a bad experience, we can quickly move on from it by resetting our minds to what is positive, or we can utilize our support system to help us through these times that we might be having difficulties with.

3. Spend time with yourself- Spend time getting to know yourself. Think of who you are, what you do and ask yourself if you’re ok with what you find. If not, make the changes that you believe will benefit you.

4. Live your life – Too many of us are trying to be like someone else, you know the person we saw on TV or in social media. That stuff is not real! It anyone can post a picture on IG of FB and the reality of their situation can be so different from what is seen in that picture. 

5. Build a positive connection with a higher power – stay connected to what you have faith in and the powers that help in influencing your moral compass.

6. Training on a consistent basis – when you have come up whit your healthy routines, don’t over do it, just keep it simple and add to it as things become automatic. In order for you to get to the point where things are automatic, you have to remain consistent. It’s training, in order for you to develop and maintain you new healthy routines, you have to train and train consistently.

7. Live in the now – there is no moment, no time in anyone’s life that is more important than now. Anything that is to happen can only happen in the now. Value the now, don’t wait for the future, the future is always and can only happen now. 

8. Live your dream – go after what you want! You are in control of your life. Only you can determine what you want to be, only you have the power to do so! Decide who you are, determine what you want to be and get it done! Make sure you put together a game plan, once you’ve made these decisions.

10. Support someone in their lives to achieve success – The same way you have a support system, is the same way you should support someone else’s. Think of this as two pots pouring into each other back and forth. 

These are just a few of the things in your life which you can feed and improve yourself in order to achieve good social health and to perpetuate these kinds of practices by being consistent ourselves, and supporting others in the same way that we are being supported. 

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Danielle Copper · April 18, 2020 at 3:44 am

I’m so proud of you. Congratulations on your site and continue to be your authentic self and motivating us all. I appreciate you supporting me. Keep going strong!

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