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Far too often we neglect our skin until it’s too late. It’s the largest organ in our body, how could we miss it? Or that might just be me. However, like most of the good things in my life, I try to find ways that will help me be consistent to taking care of my skin and making it more a part of my lifestyle rather than something I have to make myself do. As I create lifestyle rituals and I do what I call stacking. If any of you know me, you know I aspire to be the fittest and healthiest 60 year old alive, yea, that’s my 30 year plan. I don’t want to have 60 different healthy rituals, I want to have as few as possible and get the optimal amount of benefits from them. Black don’t crack, but when I start to age, I want to do so gracefully. Here are a few things that I practice to keep my skin healthy and happy. Eat foods that promote healthy skin: Internal health Fish: provides Omega-3 fatty acids that decrease inflammation that causes redness and acne. Fish also provides vitamin E, which is an amazing antioxidant. Lastly fish provides zinc, which regulates inflammation and overall skin health. Eating fish will help the reproduction of new skin cells! Avocados: An avocado a day keeps the doctor away. Avocados are rich in the good fats that we need. Avocados also have vitamins C & E which are imperative to skin health. Red & Yellow Bellpeppers: These are a good source of vitamin C and beta carotene. Vitamin C also aids in the creation of collagen. Hydrate: Internal Health We all know that not drinking enough water will lead to dehydration. Dehydration shows in many different ways, as it pertains to the skin, the skin will appear flaky and feel dry. Hydration will help the skin look plump and supple, it also keeps the skin hydrated internally. 3. Meditate: Internal Health Meditation is not just good for our mind, it is good for our whole body. Meditation reduces stress and promotes good mental health. Meditation slows that aging process. Meditation helps to keep the body in a state of equilibrium, this benefits every cell of the body, including the skin cells. 4. Skin care routine: External Health Before I expose my secret routine, please understand that when you love yourself, and you exercise this self love, you will not take less from anyone else. Nor will you ever need to look outside of yourself for it. Milk Baths every other Sunday: The fats and protein in whole cow’s milk work wonders in hydrating the skin. The acid in the milk also helps to exfoliate the skin. This leaves the skin feeling soft and looking supple. 3-4 gallons per path should be enough. Each bath has candles lit and lofi hip-hop music is playing, why? If you’re going to take a bath, go all out! Night time routine: Using my brush, I wash with a detoxifying soap. This soap extracts any impurities from my skin, then I moisturize using a healing salve. The salve is for my hyperpigmentation, acne and to bring moisture back into my face. Morning routine: I wash my face with a turmeric soap by hand. The turmeric soap is a good toner and aids with my dark spots. I follow this up with cetaphil moisturizer or the healing salve. Lips: I exfoliate the lips in the shower with the detoxifying soap and brush. Then I moisturize as needed with a cocomint lip balm. 5. Moisturize: External Health After every shower, moisturize your entire body! I use a cocoa vanilla body frosting on my entire body. One of the best parts of moisturizing is the part where I get to enjoy my health, smooth, soft skin. I enjoy feeling and touching my own skin. I enjoy the process of moisturizing. I do it all for me, so there is no shame in enjoying putting on your moisturizer. The moisturizer goes on better right out the shower, but if you don’t get to do it as soon as you get out the shower, do not neglect doing it. I wish you all the very best skin! I know my girlfriend and I enjoy mine. I also want to take this opportunity to put you on. All the products I use externally on my skin are all natural. You can find them at https://www.agamems.com all the ingredients used to make each product is also listed. No surprises around here, did I mention that this is a black owned business? The products are amazing, the customer service is stellar and she ships to all 50 states. Get to loving on your skin people!


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I am happy that you have been able to gain insight from this post. Thank you so much for being here.

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