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You made it to the website, I’m glad you’re here! Let’s get into things, if you’re new, strap in and keep an open mind, if you’re not new, welcome back! You guys might know some of my story, so you know I’m always gonna keep it real with you. I’ve realized that the experiences I have aren’t things that happened to me, they are things that are happening for me to be able to help someone else get past some barriers in life. You know those barriers of feeling stuck in life, struggling with doubt, struggling with your confidence, being social, but really not feeling connected to anyone, and pretending we’re ok when we really aren’t, yeah all of those and more.

I went through it and I’m still working through some things. Pretending damn sure aint gonna solve a single one of these issues, so let’s just cut the crap and get it  together TOGETHER. On this journey of becoming myself, I have found key behaviors and mindsets that have helped me navigate this thing called life. I’m not saying what works for me will absolutely work for you, but it’s a great place to start.I am going to provide you with tools, resources, advice, methodology and a safe space to grow in. We all have a purpose, mine is to share my story, to make it easier for someone else to live their purpose filled truth. Together, we will #AMPLIFYTHENOISE

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As a young girl growing up in Jamaica, I could hardly wait for ‘kite season’ to come around. This was one of my favorite times of the year, it was also around Easter time, so Read more…

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